The following are the rules governing the Flute Makers’ Competition at the 2024 Native Rhythms Festival.

Competition Eligibility

  1. No member of the Native Rhythms Festival Organizing Committee may enter. Otherwise, this competition is open to all flute makers, both vendors and non-vendors.
  2. The maker must present his/her own flute(s) in person at the time of competition registration.
  3. A minimum of two entries will be required for competition to proceed.
  4. For the purpose of this competition, a Native American style flute is an instrument constructed with:

    o A separate Slow Air Chamber (SAC) and sound chamber and a barrier between them,
    o An external block that contributes to directing the airflow between the chambers,
    o And 5 or 6 playing holes.
    o Flutes may be of any key or tuning (e.g., minor pentatonic, diatonic, etc.). However, it will be to the
        competitor’s advantage to use a common tuning that the judges would be familiar with to allow them
        to easily evaluate the flute intonation.

  5. There is no required theme for this competition. All flutes must have a theme but entrants are free to select their own.
  6. Any signatures, trademarks, or other identifying markings must be covered.
  7. All flutes must have “NRF 24” or “NRF 2024” somewhere on the flute.  REQUIRED.
  8. The fee to enter a flute is $20.00 (checks made payable to “NHGI”). Application fees are not refundable.  An individual may enter only one flute.
  9. All flute makers competition entrants will receive a necklace with the event’s Kokopelli image imprinted on it. Photos of necklace (with last year’s date) will be available on our event website at the top level competitions webpage.

Competition Rules and Procedures

  1. The Native Rhythms Festival organizing committee will select not fewer than three judges who are qualified to evaluate the entrants’ flutes by the criteria listed below. Judges may not be related to any of the entrants. Judges will be identified and acknowledged at the event.
  2. The decisions of the judges are final and not subject to appeal. Competitor’s scores will not be disclosed to competitors or the public.
  3. The criteria for judging will be as follows (100 points total):

         o Voice/tone quality (25 points)
         o Intonation (including tuning) (25 points)
         o Craftsmanship/workmanship (20 points)
         o Overall creativity (10 points)
         o Artistic expression (10 points)
         o Theme (10 points)

  4. All flutes, with completed entry forms and the application fees, must be presented to the competition registration table between 9 and 10 AM on Saturday, November 9, 2024.  An identification number will be assigned to each flute at registration. Judging will be “blind” in that the judges will be aware of only the identification numbers.
  5. The names of the award winners will be announced as specified on the event schedule. Entrants may pick up their flute beginning one hour after the winners are announced.  This notification will be announced from the main stage. This will allow festival guests to see the winning flutes all in one place.
  6. Trophies and cash awards will be awarded for first, second, and third place finishers based on total scores.  Cash awards are as follows:  First Place: $100, Second Place: $75, and Third Place is $50.
  7. The 2023 First Place winner is not permitted to enter the 2024 competition.
  8. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by event rules. Anyone violating this rule will be disqualified and asked to leave the event grounds immediately, not to return.

Authorization to Take and Use Photographs/Video

Waiver and Release of Claims

Upon signing the “Competition Registration Form”,  confirms that I have read the above entitled document herein and, I  hereby grant  NATIVE RHYTHMS FESTIVAL,  its directors, officers,  agents, and designees (collectively “NRF”) non-revocable permission to capture my image and likeness in photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings, or any other media (collectively “Images”).  I acknowledge that NRF  will own such Images and further grant  NRF permission to copyright, display, publish, distribute, use, modify, print and reprint such Images in any manner whatsoever related to NRF business, including without limitation, publications, advertisements, brochures, web site images, or other electronic displays and transmissions thereof.   I further waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the Image by NRF prior to its use.  I forever release and hold NRF  harmless from any and all liability arising out of the use of the Images in any manner or media whatsoever,  and waive any and all claims and causes of action relating to use of the Images, including without limitation, claims for invasion of privacy rights or publicity.

Download Flute Makers' Competition Rules & Registration Form

Flute Makers' Competition Rules

Click here: 2024 Flute Makers’ Rules to download the Flute Makers’ Competition Rules in Adobe PDF format.

Flute Makers' Competition Registration Form

Click here: 2024 Flute Makers’ Registration Form to download the Flute Makers’ Competition Registration Form in Adobe PDF format.