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Once again for 2021, the Native Rhythms Festival Organizing Committee has selected Vision Maker Media as the non-profit organization to receive our direct and indirect financial support.

About Vision Maker Media

Vision Maker Media is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that shares Native stories with the world through support of the creation, promotion, and distribution of Native media. Founded in 1977 as NAPT (Native American Public Telecommunications), through various media - public television, public radio, and the Internet - Vision Maker Media brings awareness of Indian and Alaska Native issues. Vision Maker Media receives major funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and from donations.


Vision Maker Media is the premier source for quality Native American educational and home videos. All aspects of the Vision Maker Media program encourage the involvement of young people to learn more about careers in the media - to the next generation of storytellers.

Vision Maker Media is located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Vision Maker Media offers student employment, internships, and fellowships. 

Reaching the general public and the global market is the ultimate goal for the dissemination of Native-produced media.

For more information about Vision Maker Media and their programs, please visit their website at

Native Rhythms Festival Support for Vision Maker Media

The Native Rhythms Festival will advocate for and promote Vision Maker Media as follows:

Native Rhythms Festival continues to support the work and goals of Vision Maker Media with an annual donation.
During the 2021 Native Rhythms Festival, we will distribute information about Vision Maker Media
Here on our website, we encourage visitors to click here to go to the Vision Maker Media donations page. This is a secure link.

We are excited about our association with Vision Maker Media. They are an outstanding organization with objectives that are very complimentary to those of our festival. We hope that the generosity of our supporters will help enhance Vision Maker Media's financial situation and allow them to continue and expand their wonderful programs.



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