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2020 Native Rhythms Festival
Virtual Vendor Village

Because we will not be able to gather in person in Wickham Park, we know that this presents a hardship to our vendors. To help our loyal vendors, we are automatically listing all of our 2019 vendors below as members of our Virtual Vendor Village. 

We can only imagine that we're wandering through our Vendor Village under the pines in Wickham Park, just to the east of the amphitheater, with the breeze carrying the music from the stage out among the tents. Keep that image in mind while you wander down among our virtual booths down below. You can quickly pass (scroll) by and get a quick idea of what's available from the descriptions included with each entry. But, a number of our vendors are inviting you in for a video tour of their offerings. We have invited our vendor to provide a video tour of their booth, and beginning about 4 weeks before festival weekend, you'll find those videos posted below so that you can make that visit more personal.

We encourage you to visit our vendors' websites often.

Know where you want to go first, here are some shortcuts through the infield to the individual neighborhoods in our village:

Flute Makers
Arts & Crafts
Food Vendors

Enjoy yourself!

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Flute Makers
Vendor Website Offering

4 Wind Flutes
Brad & Debbie Young


Wooden flutes
Flight Feather Flutes
Utah Farris
Native American style flutes, CDs, flute bags, artwork & wood carvings.
Frazier Sculpture
Terry Frazier
Flutes, flute music, flute bags, hand carved wood and stone sculpture.
Island Flutes
Ray Wood
Native American style flutes, herbs, some leather things, some beadwork

Jon Norris Music & Arts
Jon Norris
Native American style flutes, flute accessories, other world woodwinds, stringed instruments.
Medicine Wind Music
George Tortorelli
Handmade, fine-tuned bamboo flutes and bird calls made from organic homegrown Florida bamboo.
Northern Lights - Southern Spirits Flutes
Daniel Arrington
Wooden flutes; PVC "hiking" flutes; fleece flute bags; table flute stands; wall-hanging, live-edge flute racks.

Painted Stick Flutes

Danica Lee
Native American Style Flutes, wooden ocarinas, guitars.

Red Wind Flutes

Allen Hollingshead
Native American Style Flutes, flute bags, flute stands, Native welded art.
Spiral Flutes
Dave Graves
Bamboo flutes, accessories, small art dolls, percussion instruments.
Tree of Life Designs
Ed & Dawn Dougherty
Handcrafted flutes from wood and bamboo, hand carved walking sticks and canes, wood spirits, rhythm shakers and rattles, and a host of other distractions. The Apothecary & Smudge Shop offers a full line of incense, hand blended smudges, sage wands, resins, burnables, and burning accessories, as well as all-natural hand-blended body balms, healing salves and oils, essential oils, and aftershaves. 
Turtle Mound Flutes
John & Claire Ellis
Native American style flutes, Knock-About (PVC) Flutes, fleece flute bags, books, Johnny Kee CDs.
Willow Creek Woodcraft
Peter Churcher
Native American style flutes made from various woods and corian.
Woodsounds Flutes
Brent Haines
Exquisitely crafted wooden Native American style flutes.
Yanko Enterprises
Allan Yanko
Flutes, drums, bone carvings, raw hide painting, boxes.

Arts & Crafts
Vendor Website Offering

Artifacts Museum & Gallery / 
Native Spirit Museum & Gallery

Ben. W. Liggin, Sr.
Tom Detrick
Native American style weaponry, ceramic figurines, tobacco pipes.

Artmouse Creations
Charlette Reeves
Sculptures, pictures, etc. made from wool. Needle felting.

Bear and Beaver
Mark & Tracy Welch
High quality silver & turquoise jewelry, all pieces signed by Native American artists. Also have original, nature-themed paintings.
Fantasy Carvings by TJ Kleens
TJ Kleens
Faces, both fantasy and realistic, spoons, costume horns, candle & incense holders, all carved in wood.
gp flute stands
Glenn Pastella
Folding flute stands and wall racks of various sizes.
Gunny Sack Guitars
Tom Ransom
A variety of stringed instruments based on the cigar box design, including the "classical" 3-string cigar box guitars, 4-string concert and baritone size ukuleles, 2-string bass guitars, and 1-string Diddley Bow.
Kaye's Wares
Ellen 'Kaye' Ware
Acrylics on canvas and Giclees of original art. Ceramic mugs, flute bags, magnets, greeting cards etc. with original art.
Little Fox Creations
Betty Overrocker
Dream catchers, smudge fans, medicine bags, hand-wrapped stones & crystals, one of a kind healing jewelry custom made on site.

Mejika Arts

Miguel Martinez

Gemstones, Mejika blankets, Baja sweaters, bracelets, necklaces, wood carvings, frogs.
Morning Crow Designs
Amber Dawn Waite
Variety of wood, electrified with 12,000 volts, to create lightning and tree patterns.

Native Andes
Jaime Chavez
Hand woven wool jackets, purses, ponchos, woven bracelets. Pan flutes, Kena flutes, other instruments.
Native Pueblo
Anton Martinez
Silver rings, sage, sweet grass, copal, deer eye, deer skin.

Pine Away Baskets
Carol Crotts & Rhonda Hasner

Handmade baskets & wall hangings made with Florida pine needles, embellished with pottery, jewelry, gourds, antlers, & other "found" things.
R&R Collectables
Becky Meyers
Native American jewelry, pottery, beadwork, art, T-shirts, dolls, etc.

RedHanded Trade
Pamela Bennett
Moundbuilder designs on gourds, tees, ribbon shirts and skirts, dance shawl, NA books, smudge botanicals, tribal maps, used books, trade blankets, woven sashes.

Ruth Ann's Southwest Treasures
Ruth Ann Motley
Hand crafted Native American jewelry & dream catchers.

Spotted Pony Traders
Jeff & Cindy Kruger
Leather, beads, furs, leather products.
Stag's Leap Leatherworks
Kim Cruickshank
Handmade rustic cross body shoulder bags.

Trailwalker Crafts
Dean & Tanya Morrison
Buckskin purses, pouches, medicine wheels, dream catchers, sage, sweetgrass, vests, rawhide rattles, rawhide drums, walking sticks, war clubs.

Turquoise Showcase
Randal Estrada
Sterling silver Native jewelry and Navajo artifacts.
The Wickiup
Yvonne Long
Face painting, beadwork, pine needle baskets, jewelry, cornhusk dolls.
Wild Sage - Native American Jewelry
Paul & Natalie Mitchell
Native handmade Sterling jewelry, Native made collectibles, CDs, herbs, handmade body & bath products, feather art by Natalie, "Got Flute" T-shirts.
You Rock Crystals
Kathi Wahls
Hundreds of rocks & crystals, stone jewelry, rattles, noisemakers, walking sticks, dream catchers, smudge fans & supplies.


Vendor Website Offering

American Indian Creation

Billy Whitefox (and Linda Prejeant)
Handmade flutes, jewelry, bags, dolls, CDs, handmade art, home decor, and much more.

Ed WindDancer

Gareth Laffely
CDs, DVD, Signature Flutes
Green Leppard Sales 
Dock Green Silverhawk & Cindy
CDs, Painted Ponies, jewelry, blankets, etc.

Hawk Henries
In addition to his flutes, in an ongoing demonstration/workshop, Hawk will share how he builds flutes out of a solid piece of wood using only hand tools and fire. Click here for a more complete description.
Jonny Lipford
Contemporary music of the Native American-style flute and world flutes performed by Jonny Lipford.  Also featuring contemporary (Free Spirit) and rhythmic (Tribal Rhythms) backing tracks that are designed with the Native American-style flute in mind!  Private lessons are also available.
Lowery Begay
Drums, dream catchers, necklaces, CDs.

Painted Raven
Annette Abbondanza and Holly Harris

Painted Raven CDs and merchandise, including backing tracks, T-shirts, magnets, stickers, guitar picks, instructional booklets for flute and guitar.
Randy Granger Music  
Flutes, CDs, T-Shirts, Rattles, Smudge.

Shelley Morningsong Music
Shelley Morningsong & Fabian Fontenelle  

Music CDs beaded buckskin pouches, beaded earrings, my signature flutes, photo prints, posters.


Food Vendors
Vendor Website Offering

Boy Scout Troop 520
Nancy Yost
Canned/bottled drinks: water, soda, coffee, hot chocolate
Jersey Girl Super Foods
Francine Grigley
Vegan, vegitarian, smoked foods, soup, salads, wraps.

Moo's Soft Serve

Louis Andrus

Ice cream, shaved ice, hot dogs. Also have sugar free and dairy free options.

Ms O's Grill on Wheels

Ozetta Gipson

Frybread - Indian tacos & fruit filled, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs (chili, plain), drinks.

Samsons Grill
Kevin Samson

Teriyaki & bourbon chicken, bacon fried rice, clams, scallops, haddock, shrimp, French fries, fresh lemonade, sweet tea, water, soda.
Slow & Low BBQ
Nicole Smith
Pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches, ribs, French fries, loaded fries, okra, burgers, chicken tenders, drinks.

Twisted Sisterz Mobile Kitchen & Bakery
Patricia Reed & Joan Reed

Fresh homemade baked goods, coffee, frozen lemonade, artisan pizza, hand pies (empanadas with our own savory fillings), breakfast sandwiches, and hand cut Idaho fries with specialty toppings.


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