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2017 Native Rhythms Festival Vendors

The following vendors have registered to participate in the 2017 Native Rhythms Festival. Watch this page as new vendors come on board to join this year's list of outstanding artists and craftspeople. Join our Native Rhythms Festival Facebook group to receive notification when new vendors are added to this list:


We encourage you to visit our vendors' websites often and stop by their booths during our event.


Please read the 2017 Vendor Rules carefully. As at the last few years' festivals, we continue to be sensitive to vendor compliance with the 2010 amendment to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA) of 1990 and to the City of Melbourne's strict enforcement of the city's fire codes. Please read the Vendor Rules carefully. Please note that all vendors must be completely set up and ready for inspection by 9AM on Friday. 

There are several changes in this year's rules from last year's. Please read all rules carefully. To summarize a couple rule changes:

We have sent out invitations to last year's vendors we'd like to see return this year. All invited returning vendors have until May 1st to guarantee their 2017 slot. No other vendors will be accepted before that date. On May 1st we open registration to all vendors, accepted on a first come first processed basis.
We will continue to limit the number of arts/crafts/flute maker vendors to 40. New this year, from those 40, we will limit the number of flute maker vendors to 16 and the number of turquoise/silver jewelry vendors to 5. Please consult the rules for details.
For the first time in many years, we will be raising some of the vendor registration fees. For arts/crafts/flute makers, the new fees are $200 for a 10'x10' booth (unchanged), $250 for a 10'x20' booth, and $300 for a 20'x20' booth. The fee for all food vendors becomes $300.
In a change of our working relationship with Wickham Park management, no camping will be permitted in the vendor area, including behind the booths on the north side of the "vendor loop". All camping must be reserved in the park's regular campground through Wickham Park. For details about the park campground, including fees, see: In past years the campgrounds have been booked full by festival weekend, so we recommend that vendors wishing to camp make reservations early.

The text of the rules appear below, and may be downloaded through the links at the bottom of this page.

Flute Makers
Vendor Website Offering

4 Wind Flutes
Brad & Debbie Young


Wooden flutes
Flight Feather Flutes
Utah Farris
Native American style flutes, CDs, flute bags, artwork & wood carvings.
Frazier Sculpture
Terry Frazier
Flutes, wood, stone, and cactus sculpture.

Jon Norris Music & Arts
Jon Norris
Native American style flutes, flute accessories, other world woodwinds, stringed instruments.

LoKo Flutes
Loren W. Kohler
Native American style flutes, flute bags, flute totes, drum bags, shakers, rattles, etc.
Medicine Wind Music
George Tortorelli
Handmade, fine-tuned bamboo flutes & whistles made from organic homegrown Florida bamboo. Original bamboo flute & Celtic harp CDs.

Red Wind Flutes

Allen Hollingshead
Native American Style Flutes, flute bags, flute stands.
Spiral Flutes
Dave Graves
Bamboo flutes, accessories, small art dolls, percussion instruments.
Tree of Life Designs
Ed & Dawn Dougherty
Handcrafted flutes from wood and bamboo, hand carved walking sticks and canes, wood spirits, rhythm shakers and rattles, and a host of other distractions. The Apothecary & Smudge Shop offers a full line of incense, hand blended smudges, sage wands, resins, burnables, and burning accessories, as well as all-natural hand-blended body balms, healing salves and oils, essential oils, and aftershaves. 
Willow Creek Woodcraft
Peter Churcher
Native American style flutes made from various woods and corian.
Woodsounds Flutes
Brent Haines
Exquisitely crafted wooden Native American style flutes.
Yanko Enterprises
Allan Yanko
Flutes, drums, carvings, raw hide painting.

Arts & Crafts
Vendor Website Offering

Artifacts Museum & Gallery / 
Native Spirit Museum & Gallery

Ben. W. Liggin, Sr.
Tom Detrick
Native American style weaponry, ceramic figurines, tobacco pipes.

Bill & Susie Gingras
Handmade bone & stone traditional items; Handmade sterling silver jewelry.
Chrisy's Creations
Chris Lee-Hiller
Leather bags, purses, & pouches, Indian style dolls, feathered arrangements, key rings, necklaces & earrings, etc.

Dark Horse Creations

Juli & Don Bowling
Incense bottles; gourd art; fur, leather and turtle bags; moccasins; herbs; supplies; bone & skull art; burden baskets; beaded jewelry; rattles; hand drums; stones & crystals; and whatever I have a whim to make.
DeLuna Arts
Paul DeLuna
Original art, handmade crafts, jewelry.
Fire Thunder Trading Post
Bram Loeb and Dylan Loeb
Deerskin items, necklaces, silver & turquoise jewelry, beadwork, dream catchers, chokers, blankets, T-shirts, jackets, hoodies.
Inner Mountain Stones & Woods
Sandie Buttry
Decorative gourds, twisted walking sticks, wire wrapped jewelry, bone & antler creations, rattles, wands.
Intertribal Spirit Designs
Diane Buz

Bone Art, dream catchers, wood art, crystals; anything pertaining to the culture.
Kaye's Wares
Ellen 'Kaye' Ware
Acrylics on canvas and Giclees of original art. Cups, magnets, cards with original art. Leather flute bags, & lighter cases in leather.
Kim Cruickshank Leather
Kim Cruickshank
Handmade rustic cross body shoulder bags.
[Mejika Arts]
Mejika Arts

Miguel Martinez

Dream catchers, leather and copper dream catcher bracelets, gemstones, wood carved animals, arrow head necklaces, geodes, crystals, copper rings.
[Micmac Trader]
Micmac Trader

Carmen Hooke
Cradle boards, feather art, primitive weapons.
Morning Crow Designs
Amber Dawn Waite
Variety of wood, electrified with 12,000 volts, to create lightning and tree patterns.

Native Andes Center
Jaime Chavez
Woven tapestry, wool jackets, bags, South American Kena flutes, pan flutes, ocarinas.
Native Pueblo
Anton Martinez
Silver rings, sage, sweet grass, copal, deer eye, deer skin.

Pine Away Baskets
Carol Crotts & Rhonda Hasner

Handmade baskets & wall hangings made with Florida pine needles, embellished with pottery, jewelry, gourds, & other "found" things.
R&R Collectables
Becky Meyers
Native American style jewelry, pottery, beadwork, art, T-shirts, dolls, etc.

RedHanded Trade
Pam Bennett
Moundbuilder designs on gourds, tees, ribbon shirts and skirts, dance shawl, NA books, botanicals for smudge, tribal maps, used books, blankets, some beads, CD of pan flutes.

Rustic Apocalypse Jewelry
Phillip Kelley

Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by Native American culture. I use bones, glass beads, chevron beads, teeth, claws, seaglass.

Ruth Ann's Southwest Treasures
Ruth Ann Motley
Hand crafted Native American jewelry & dream catchers.

Spotted Pony Traders
Jeff & Cindy Kruger
Leather, beads, furs, our own handmade moccasins, bags, shirts, dresses.

Trailwalker Crafts
Dean & Tanya Morrison
Buckskin purses, pouches, vests, jackets, moccasins, dance sticks, lances, quivers, breast plates, walking sticks, rawhide rattles, sun catchers, braid wraps, chokers, sage & incense.
[Turquoise Showcase]
Turquoise Showcase
Randal Estrada
Sterling silver Native style jewelry and Navajo style artifacts.
The Wickiup
Yvonne Long
Face painting, beadwork, flute wraps, dreamcatchers, jewelry.
Wild Sage - Native American Jewelry
Paul & Natalie Mitchell
Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry, music, feather art by Natalie. Handmade soaps & lotions & sage products.
You Rock Crystals
Kathi Wahls
A wide variety of rocks, crystals, & gemstones. Stone jewelry, sage, incense, wire-wrapped jewelry, dreamcatchers, walking sticks, noisemakers & rattles, beads, wind chimes.


Vendor Website Offering

American Indian Creation

Billy Whitefox (and Linda Prejeant)
Handmade flutes, jewelry, bags, dolls, CDs, handmade art, home decor, and much more.

Arvel Bird
Celtic Indian T-Shirts, Flutes, CDs

Ed WindDancer
Green Leppard Sales 
Dock Green Silverhawk & Cindy
CDs, Painted Ponies, jewelry, blankets, etc.

Kokopelli Girl Music
Kokopelli Girl - Sydney Phipps

Music CDs.

Find Kokopelli Girl at the Wild Sage booth.

Mark McGourley
CDs, DVDs, & jewelry & crafts.

Painted Raven
Annette Abbondanza and Holly Harris

Painted Raven CDs and merchandise, including backing tracks, T-shirts, magnets, stickers, guitar picks, instructional booklets for flute and guitar.
Randy Granger
Music, New Mexico products, T-shirts.

Scott August

Turtle Mound Flutes
Johnny Kee (John & Claire Ellis)
Native American style flutes, Knock-About (PVC) Flutes, fleece flute bags, books, and guitars with the same nature artwork found on our wooden flutes.


Food Vendors
Vendor Website Offering

Boy Scout Troop 520
Nancy Yost
Canned/bottled drinks: water, soda, coffee, hot chocolate
Jersey Girl Super Foods
Francine Grigley
Native American theme soups, salads, wraps, entrees; vegan and vegetarian options.

Ms O's Grill on Wheels

Ozetta Gipson

Frybread - Indian tacos & fruit filled, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs (chili, plain), drinks.
Slow & Low BBQ
Nicole Smith
Pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches, ribs, French fries, loaded fries, okra, burgers, chicken tenders, drinks.

Surf n Soul Grill

Stephanie Lovett
Fish tacos, shrimp tacos, Chicken, veggie tacos, turkey meatballs.


Vendor Website Offering

Brevard Backyard Beekeepers Inc.
Beekeeping educational displays. Tips to support honeybees and pollinators, Brevard Backyard Beekeepers Club information. Honeybee-related games/activities for kids. Local raw honey available for purchase.
Brevard Veterans Resource Network
Belinda Stewart
321-631-9290 x224
Provide materials and information on the veteran-serving organizations that participate in the coalition known as the BVRN, as well as raise awareness and offer a raffle in support of the 2-1-1 Brevard veterans specialist.
Bat Belfrys Inc./
       Florida Bat Conservancy

Shari Blisset-Clark
Displaying educational materials related to bats; bat houses; bat themed shirts, hats, bookmarks; bat books; Florida Bat Conservancy memberships.

Friends for Animals Sanctuary
Mary Brotherton
Friends for Animals Sanctuary, Inc. (FFAS) was established in 2011 as a non-profit, NO-KILL, no cage domestic animal sanctuary. The Sanctuary will be a campus style facility with state of the art, climate controlled suites and houses. The dog houses will have 2-5 dogs in each suite (dogs are very social animals) with doggie doors to their own private grassy outdoor area to play, lie in the sun and do their business. For the ones that do not like other dogs, they will have their own suite with plenty of human interaction.  There will be a large communal area that all the dogs will play together in every day. The same idea will be used for the cats; their houses will have tree limbs and platforms for them to lie on. The cats will also have a screened in outside area with all their favorite things to climb on and bask in the sun. The larger animals, horses, donkey’s, cows, ponies, will roam on 6 acres initially. The small animals, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs etc will also have their own place within the administrative offices and the birds will have fun flying around in their aviary.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Nancy and Dan Kon
Imagine Our Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational charity working together with people of all ages on preserving and protecting Florida's natural wildlife, resources and land. Bringing people together in a shared vision to preserve and protect Florida's wildlife, habitat and ecosystem. We plan to accomplish this via science- based education and the development of appreciation and respect for the natural world and our place within it. IOF dispels the myths and explains the facts of the Florida's black bear, panther, gopher tortoise and manatee. Stop by to pick up your window decal, coloring page for the kids and see what we are all about.
Sarag McNultry
Educating guests about NASA,, and showing how to make soda straw rockets. (Will only be present on Saturday.)
Orlando VA Medical Center
Annie Arhj
VA medical services

Save Florida's Bromeliads Conservation Project
Teresa M. Cooper
Posters and demonstration materials to educate and get people interested in our project to save native bromeliad species in Florida that are being attacked by an invasive weevil, and ask for donations to support this effort.
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Richard Shaffer
Exhibit and demonstrate authentic original artifacts from the 1860s, showing and discussing what life was like in the period and camp life during the Civil War, in uniform.

Wild Horse Rescue Center
Diane Delano
WHRC sets up a corral for hour horses to conduct demonstrations throughout the day. Come learn about wild horses and pick up BLM "Adopt a Horse" items. [non-profit 501(c)(3) organization]

2017 Vendor Area Map

This is the 2017 vendor area layout.  

1 Golf Carts Unlimited 31 Spiral Flutes
2 R&R Collectibles 32 Woodsounds Flutes   & Robert Mirabal
3 Wild Sage Jewelry 33 Turtle Mound Flutes (Johnny Kee & Ken Holt)
4 Frazier Sculptures 34 Trail Walker Crafts
5 Backwoods 35 Ed WindDancer
6 Turquoise Showcase 36 Steven Rushingwind
7 Rustic Apocalypse Jewelry 37 Painted Raven
8 RedHanded Trade 38 Randy Granger
9 Inner Mountain Stones & Wood 39 Willow Creek Woodcraft
10 Intertribal Spirit Designs 41 Kim Cruickshank Leather
11 Pine Away Baskets 42 DeLuna Arts
12 Kaye Wares Art 43 Medicine Wind Music
13   44 MicMac Traders
14 Ruth Ann's Southwest Treasures 45 Artifacts Museum Gallery
15 American Indian Creations (Billy Whitefox) 47 Yanko Enterprises
16 The Wickiup 48 Fire Thunder Trading Post
17 You Rock Crystals 50 Scott August
18 Wild Horse Rescue 51 4 Wind Flutes
18a Fun Spot America Theme Parks 52 Jon Norris Music & Arts
19 Native Andes Center 53 Tree of Life Designs
20 Spotted Pony Traders 54 Mejika Arts
21 Loko Flutes 55 Chrisy's Creations
22 Red Wind Flutes 56 PJ Shuckers Corn
23 Flight Feather Flutes 57 Nutz2U
24 Anikituhwaki Crafts 58 Jersey Girls
25 Lightning Art 58b Surf n Soul Grill
E1 Save Florida Bromedliads 59 Slow & Low BBQ
E2 Backyard Beekeepers 60 Grill on Wheels
E3 NASA KSC Education 61a Drinks - Boy Scouts
E4 Flute Tree Foundation 61b Tlingit Culture
E5 Florida Bat Conservancy 62 Ice Cream Scoops
E6 Friends for Animals 63 Green Leppard  (Dock Green Silverhawk)
E7 Imagine Our Florida 64 Arvel Bird
E8 Florida Historical Society 65 Native Pueblo
E9 Veteran's Resource Net 67 Veteran's Administration
29 Dark Horse Creations F Free Flute Lessons Tent
30 Mark McGourley    

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2017 Rules for Vendors

The Native Rhythms Festival organizing committee (hereinafter referred to as the NRF committee or the committee) invites all interested artists and craftsmen who agree to conform to the below rules to participate in our indigenous people’s music festival at Wickham Park, Melbourne, FL on November 10-12, 2017.

Requirements for all Artists

o   This is a juried event. No new application will be approved without the submission of photographs of the artist’s work and booth. These photographs must accompany the registration application. Previous year vendors do not need to submit photographs.

o   2016 Native Rhythms Festival vendors that we wish to return will receive an invitation from the committee. To guarantee their spot, we request returning vendors respond as soon as possible after receiving their invitations. Open registration for all other vendors opens May 1, 2017. Deadline for vendor application with signed registration form and full payment will be September 15, 2017, unless prior arrangements have been made with the committee.

o   To ensure the highest quality of artists/craftsmen, we will be limiting the total number of arts/crafts vendors to 40. Of which, the number of flute maker vendors will be limited to 16 and the number of silver/turquoise style jewelry vendors will be limited to 5. These numbers do not include performers (who are provided a complementary booth as part of our compensation package for their performing), food vendors, or exhibitors.

o   Native Rhythms Festival offers flute makers the opportunity to display and sell flutes that they have made. Therefore, only registered flute maker vendors will be permitted to sell flutes, and they may only sell flutes carrying their own name or their brand name. Specifically, other arts/crafts vendors may not sell flutes made by someone else.

o   Because of our special relationship with our performers, performer vendors are exempt from the limits on the number of vendors. They may also sell any merchandise they normally offer, including CDs, DVDs, apparel, “signature flutes”, etc.

o   Exhibitors will be accepted by invitation only.

o   Food vendors will be accepted by invitation only.

o   There will be no walk-on artists/merchants/exhibitors permitted.

o   The following requirements will be strictly enforced on all vendors. All booths will be monitored by the NRF committee during the festival to ensure compliance with the rules set forth in this document. Any infractions noted will be corrected on the spot. Those who fail to comply will be asked to leave the festival grounds immediately. No fee refunds will be made to vendors who are asked to leave.

o   Each artist/craftsman must have his/her own booth. Requests to share a booth must include justification for the request, be accompanied by the appropriate fees, and be reviewed and approved by the organizing committee. There will be no sharing of booths larger than 10’x10’. There will be no exceptions.

o   All arts and crafts sold and displayed must be produced by the artist/vendor or by the vendor as the artist’s authorized representative.

o   Although artists/craftsmen themselves need not be of Native American ancestry, all arts and crafts must be handmade and of traditional Native American style or maintain a Native American or nature theme. We are looking for artists and craftsmen, not resellers. We reserve the right to approve the sale of specific resale items that are deemed by the NRF committee as appropriate for the event and that do not conflict with other items sold by the other vendors.

o   All vendors are required comply with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, as amended in 2010. The full text of this law is included at the end of this document. The Indian Arts and Crafts Board has instructed us that the 2010 amendment places additional responsibilities on the organizers of events like the Native Rhythms Festival for ensuring compliance with the Act. Therefore we must require that each of our vendors specifically comply with the following:

1.      Any vendors representing themselves as Native American must provide proof of tribal enrollment documentation to the NRF committee. Anyone who cannot show proof that they are an enrolled member of either a federally or state recognized tribe, must have on display in their booth a sign that says "Not Native Made". The festival will provide these signs as part of the vendor packet, or the vendors may use their own.

2.      Any vendors who resell items made by others who claim to be Native American must also have proof of the artist/maker’s tribal enrollment. If enrollment confirmation cannot be provided to the NRF committee, you must have on display in your booth a sign that says "Not Native Made". The festival will provide these signs in the vendor packet. Additional signs will be available on request.

3.      Each vendor will be required to confirm their understanding of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 by reading and signing the section of the vendor application referring to this Act. This is a personal commitment that each vendor must make that he/she understands the requirements of the Act and will abide by them.

o   We encourage demonstration of skills whenever possible.

o   The names of all the persons who will be operating the booth must be included on the registration form. Each of those people will be issued a Native Rhythms Festival security badge. Only people with an official security badge will be permitted to operate booths. Please have your security badge ready to present to roving security personnel, including after hours.

o   All vendors must check in with the organizing committee at the registration tent before beginning setup.

o   Each vendor must supply his/her own tents, tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, extension cords, packing materials, backdrops, etc. (We can provide information about renting tables, tents and chairs locally). Note that this event continues after sunset on Friday and Saturday. Vendors will be responsible for extension cords and lighting fixtures for their booth. Power will be available to each vendor booth. (See requirements below regarding light fixtures and extension cords meeting City of Melbourne fire codes.)

o   Beginning in 2012, the City of Melbourne has been and will continue enforcing the city’s event fire codes at the Native Rhythms Festival. A city fire inspector will be on-site to check us and our vendors for compliance with the following regulations. All vendors must be completely setup and ready for the inspector at 9:00AM on Friday. All vendors must pass their inspection before we will be allowed to open the festival.

·      City of Melbourne fire codes require that vendors meet certain requirements regarding spacing between tents. In general, there must be 10 feet between tents. However, we may place two 10’x10’ tents “adjacent” to one another, but then provide 10 feet between the pair and the next closest tents. The committee will lay out the vendor area to comply with these requirements. It is critical that all vendors set up exactly where designated within their assigned area to comply with these requirements. If in doubt, check with the NRF vendor coordinator, who will be on site during setup on Thursday, before setting up your tent.

·      Complying with the spacing requirement (see above) will mean longer cord runs between electrical panels and tents. Extension cords up to 200 feet in 12 gauge may be required for many of the tent sites. If your site is closer to the panel, extension cords of any gauge up to 100 feet long may be used. However, we recommend being prepared for the longer cord.

·      All tents larger than 10’x10’ (120 square feet or larger) must have a manufacturer’s certificate stating it is made of a fire retardant material.

·      All bulbs, incandescent or fluorescent (tube or CFL), must be shielded against bulb breakage. Open bulbs must have either the manufacturer’s designed cage or cover, or an equivalent plastic cover or bulb protector. This includes the popular clamp-on “can” lights.

·      One thing the inspector makes a point of checking is that all plug connections between extension cords and cords to lights or other devices must be off the ground.

·      All tents must have conspicuous “NO SMOKING” signs posted.

·      The Festival will provide a fire extinguisher located within 75 feet of every vendor tent throughout the festival grounds. 

o   Vendor area layout will be done by the committee on Wednesday. Set-up time starts at 9AM on Thursday. All vehicles must be removed from the vendor area by 9AM Friday. Remember, your booth needs to be open and occupied for the City to complete their inspection at 9AM on Friday.

o   The Show hours for vendors are:

o   Friday: 9AM – 9PM
Saturday: 9AM – 9PM
o   Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

o   Quiet time begins each night at 10:30PM. All loud noises (including music, drumming, etc.) must cease by this time.

o   Please do not begin teardown earlier than 5:00PM Sunday. Vehicles will not be permitted in the vendor area for teardown before 5:30PM Sunday. Always be extremely careful when driving in the vendor area during setup and teardown. This area is likely to be congested with people not watching for vehicles.

o   No loud flute playing or other loud noises (including CD playing, drumming, etc.) will be allowed during scheduled concert performances. Normal flute demonstrations within a booth would not normally be a problem. Just be respectful of our performers and the other vendors around you at all times.

o   Booths must be neat and orderly throughout the festival. Artists/merchants are responsible for collecting and disposing of their own trash. Trash collection points and glass & aluminum recycling bins will be provided.

o   To prevent uncomfortable situations with customers, we request that all vendors who do not accept credit cards place a notification to that effect in their booth.

o   Three arts/crafts and flute maker booth sizes will be offered this year.  Booth fees will be:

  o   10’ x 10’ - $200.00
10’ x 20’ - $250.00
20’ x 20’ - $300.00

Food vendor fees will be $300, regardless of booth/truck size.

Check or money order must be made out to NHGI for the correct amount in full. Send completed registration form, photos of merchandise and booth (if applicable), and check/money order to:  

Native Rhythms Festival
c/o Turtle Mound Flutes
4100 N. Wickham Rd. Ste 107A #108
Melbourne, FL 32935

o   Please e-mail an image file (logo or photo, .gif or .png preferred but .jpg OK) that you would like to see with your listing on the festival website’s vendor web page to

o   Camping will be available for vendors in the Wickham Park campgrounds at the regular park rates. The campground is within short walking distance of the festival grounds. Camping will not be permitted in the vendor area as it has been in previous years. RVs will not be permitted in the vendor area. Vendors are responsible for reserving campsites and paying fees directly to Wickham Park ( We strongly recommend making reservations with the park early as all improved campsites are expected to be reserved well before the NRF weekend.

o   The committee will try to take vendors’ desires for booth location into account when doing the final site layout. On the vendor application/agreement, vendors may designate up to three preferred booth locations.  The vendor should also note any desire to be located near another specific vendor to allow shared support during the event.

o   Each artist/craftsman will be requested to donate to our raffle/auction. All proceeds from the raffle & auction are used to support the event and keep the event free to the public.

o   School Day: Again this year, we will have the time between 10AM and 1PM on Friday, November 10th, designated as School Day. During this time, groups of children from local schools and other youth organizations are expected to be on the festival grounds, visiting vendor booths and attending special performances in the amphitheater. Vendor participation is completely voluntary, but vendors who would like to interact with the children may want to have something prepared, such as a story, demonstration, flute or other performance, etc. to share with the children. Also, vendors may have a designated table of inexpensive items (which may not comply with the normal restrictions on items for sale) that the children may purchase.

o   Native Rhythms Festival reserves the right for the sale of all drinks, including bottled water and soft drinks for our designated food vendors. Arts and crafts vendors may not sell drinks or food.

This will be an alcohol-free and drug-free event. Any vendor violating this rule will be asked to leave.

Special Requirements for Food Vendors

General requirements include the following:

o   Food vendors must comply with all applicable State of Florida, Brevard County and City of Melbourne health and safety codes. Health inspectors will be on-site to check compliance.

o  All food vendors must have a current state issued food license to show the health inspector when requested.

o  No cooking will be permitted under tents or canvas tops. Cooking is primarily defined as any initial cooking that involves fats and oils. This includes things like kettle corn, grilling, deep frying, etc. All cooking equipment must be located a minimum of 1 foot outside the tent, and be roped off to keep patrons away from hot surfaces. Any vendor cooking with oils or fats must have a current tagged K class fire extinguisher and a 10 lb. 2A10BC fire extinguisher per NFPA 10. Please specify on your vendor application how much space is required outside your tent for these cooking operations and the festival will set aside adequate space adjacent to your tent. You may reheat already cooked food under your tent, or cook items that do not have the potential to create grease laden vapors (i.e., boiling water, heating soups, etc.)

o  Cooking equipment used in fixed, mobile, or temporary concessions, such as trucks, busses, trailers, pavilions, tents, or any form of roofed enclosure shall comply with NFPA 96, requiring a kitchen and a fire suppression system, complying with UL300, and a current state tag. All pressure cylinders must be securely chained.

o  All food vendors are required to sign the FLORIDA STATE STATUTE 633.0215, FLORIDA FIRE PREVENTION CODE acknowledgement form and submit it with the vendor application. The form is available for download from the vendor page of the Native Rhythms Festival website.

o   Access to running water is limited. Food vendors needing access to water must document this in their vendor application so that booths can be located appropriately.

o   All sites will have access to standard 110v electrical outlets. Access to 220v outlets is limited and should also be identified as a need in the vendor application.


Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990

“The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L.101-644) is a truth-in-advertising law that prohibits misrepresentation in marketing of Indian arts and crafts products within the United States. It is illegal to offer or display for sale, or sell any art or craft product in a manner that falsely suggests it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian or Indian Tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization, resident within the United States. For a first time violation of the Act, an individual can face civil or criminal penalties up to a $250,000 fine or a 5-year prison term, or both. If a business violates the Act, it can face civil penalties or can be prosecuted and fined up to $1,000,000.

Under the Act, an Indian is defined as a member of any federally or State recognized Indian Tribe, or an individual certified as an Indian artisan by an Indian Tribe.

The law covers all Indian and Indian-style traditional and contemporary arts and crafts produced after 1935. The Act broadly applies to the marketing of arts and crafts by any person in the United States. Some traditional items frequently copied by non-Indians include Indian-style jewelry, pottery, baskets, carved stone fetishes, woven rugs, kachina dolls, and clothing.

All products must be marketed truthfully regarding the Indian heritage and tribal affiliation of the producers, so as not to mislead the consumer. It is illegal to market an art or craft item using the name of a tribe if a member, or certified Indian artisan, of that tribe did not actually create the art or craft item.

For example, products sold using a sign claiming "Indian Jewelry" would be a violation of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act  if  the  jewelry was produced by someone other  than a member, or certified Indian artisan, of an Indian tribe. Products advertised as "Hopi Jewelry" would be in violation of the Act if they were produced by someone who is not a member, or certified Indian artisan, of the Hopi tribe.”

Download 2017 Vendor Rules and Vendor Agreement

Vendor Rules

Click here to download the Vendor Rules in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download the Vendor Rules in Adobe PDF format.

Vendor Agreement

Click here to download the Vendor Agreement in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download the Vendor Agreement in Adobe PDF format.

Other Supporting Vendor Documents

Click here to download the Non-Attending Artist Statement of Compliance in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download the Non-Attending Artist Statement of Compliance in Adobe PDF format.

Click here to download the Food Vendor FLORIDA FIRE PREVENTION CODE acknowledgement form


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