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Ed WindDancer featuring The Red Boys Singers Cultural Program 

Ed WindDancer is an internationally renowned cultural educator. He has captivated audiences throughout North America, Hawaii, and Europe. Ed has been headman, arena director, and performer at many of the powwows throughout the East Coast. 

Otter: Otter is a champion of many American Indian dance styles. Otter will be performing the 'Grass Dance' at Native Rhythms this year. He is lead singer and drum keeper of his drum group 'Red Boys'. They have won many contests throughout North America. 

Dakota: Dakota is our Jingle Dress Dancer and also winner of many Native American contest dances. She is noted for her on stage presence, grace and beauty. Watch her dazzling footwork while keeping perfect time with the drum.

Cody: Cody will be performing the Hoop and Fancy Dance! He is a renowned Fancy Dancer and also a champion hoop dancer placing in the top 10 at the World Nationals.

Amber: Amber will be performing the Women's Fancy Shawl Dance. She has won many contest and received accolades for her fancy footwork and grace. She travels with her children, performing and doing cultural programs at many schools throughout the area. Her children are notable dancers and will be performing with her.

Ed WindDancer

Ed WindDancer -Traditional Dance

Cody - Fancy Dance

Cody - Hoop Dance

Amber - Women's Fancy Shawl Dance

Dakota - Jingle Dress Dance

Otter - Grass Dance

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