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Hurricane Nicole Abbreviates 2022 Native Rhythms Festival

What the NOAA track projection looked like at 1PM on Wednesday, November 9th. Nicole was to come ashore just south of our festival grounds in Melbourne.
(Click on map to see enlarged version.)

Uncertainty surrounded the 2022 Native Rhythms Festival as we entered the week of the festival because Hurricane Nicole, offshore central Central Florida and headed our way, threatened intolerable weather and safety concerns. 

By 5AM on Monday, November 7th, a large, disorganized system north of the Greater Antilles out in the Atlantic became well enough organized to be classified as a subtropical storm and given the name Nicole. This was just 3 days before Thursday's first day of the 2022 NRF. 

By noon on Wednesday, November 9th, Nicole passed over the northern Bahamas and strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane. This is when our team was supposed to be out marking out vendor booth locations in our Vendor Village. The winds here became stronger and rains became heavier.

At 3AM on Thursday, November 10th, Nicole made landfall just south of the festival grounds in Vero Beach as a Category 1 hurricane. Our schedule showed vendors would soon be arriving to set up. But that couldn't happen. Nicole began her turn north to begin her northwesterly trek across the Florida peninsula, but further west than projected earlier, and moving faster than many hurricanes we'd seen. By 1PM on Thursday, the eye was all the way across the state near Tampa, while we were still in the outer bands.

Our NRF board met and decided to proceed with the weekend's festival, but with setup delayed to Friday and other Friday activities cancelled. It was a gamble, but the weather Friday was beautiful and continued through the weekend. Fortunately, we only had 2 vendors cancel, and neither of these was due to the storm. Our deep appreciation to all of our loyal (and new) vendors who showed up in spite of the uncertainty to help make the 2022 Native Rhythms Festival a resounding success.


Background on This Year's Theme and Logo

Painted Raven's Annette Abbondanza introduces this year's theme and logo.


Getting the Word Out

Friday Evening "Meet & Greet" Social

The Performers
- Randy Granger
- Lowery Begay
- Dock Green Silverhawk
- Otter Oliver & CreeAtive Native
- Shelley Morningsong & Fabian Fontenelle
- Rona Yellow Robe
- Painted Raven
- Billy Whitefox
- David Reeves   (2021 Players' Competition Winner)

Performers on Video

The Vendors & Exhibitors
- Food Vendors
- Flute Makers
- Arts & Crafts
- Exhibitors & Sponsors

2022 Artists', Flute Players' and Flute Makers' Competitions
- Artists' Competition
- Flute Makers' Competition
- Paula Ellis Memorial Flute Players' Competition


Silent Auction & Raffle

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Getting the Word Out

Brevard County Proclamation Presentation


[Photos below provided by Native Rhythms Festival's 2022 official photographer, Jennifer Brooks.

(Click on the thumbnail images below to see an enlarged version.)


Friday Evening "Meet & Greet" Social
Hosted by the Candlewood Suites


The Performers

Randy Granger
Lowery Begay
Dock Green Silverhawk
Otter Oliver & CreeAtive Native
Shelley Morningsong & Fabian Fontenelle
Rona Yellow Robe
Painted Raven
Billy Whitefox


The Vendors & Exhibitors

Food Vendors

Alston's Chicken

Beachin BBQ

Ms. Ozetta's Grill on Wheels

Space Coast Hot Dogs


Flight Feather Flutes

Joe Loftin Flutes

Medicine Wind Flutes

Painted Stick Flutes

Red Wind Flutes

Spiral Flutes

Turtle Mound Flutes

Willow Creek Woodcraft

Woodsounds Flutes

Arts & Crafts

Alex Jalapa & T Rose

Art by Mindy


Ca's Creations

Gray Dog Concepts

Inner Mountain Stones & Woods

Kaye's Wares

Little Fox Creations

Morning Crow Designs

Native Andes

OldRock Creations

Pine Away Baskets

Snyder's Honey

Sol Essence

Timothy J.P. Gomez

Trailwalker Crafts

Wild Sage - Native American Jewelry

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Bath Fitter

Boy Scout Troop 520

Brevard Backyard Beekeepers, Inc.

Hippy Kids

Indian River Flute Circle

Wild Horse Rescue Center


2022 Competitions

Art Competition

2022 Art Competition Entrants

2022 Art Competition Winners

1st Place - Anne Faye
2nd Place - Timothy J.P. Gomez
3rd Place - Carol Crotts
Flute Makers' Competition

2022 Flute Maker Competition - Winners

1st Place - Brent Haines

2nd Place - Joe Loftin

3rd Place - Danica Lee

Paula Ellis Memorial Flute Players' Competition

1st Place - Joe Loftin

2nd Place - Ellen Hall

3rd Place - Sharon Ellis



Dock Silverhawk - Stepping Back in Time
Johnny Dame - Honoring the Sacredness of Water
Joyce Bugaiski - Beading on a Loom
Joyce Bugaiski - How to Make an Edge Stitch
Linda Resnikoff & Martha Pessaro - South Meets North - Children's Workshop
Lowery Begay - Understanding Pow Wow Drumming
Nelson Rios - Balancing Rhythm with Timing
Holly Harris (Painted Raven) - Rhythmic Connection: Drumming and Fluting Together
Timothy J.P. Gomez - From Start to Finesse: Creating Patterns of Notes for Perfecting Skill & Creativity
Tommy Ransom - Flutes in the World of Electronics


Silent Auction & Raffle

This is just a sampling of the nearly 100 items, baskets, and flutes that were available.


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