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Pre-Festival Activities

Thursday "Meet & Greet" Reception

The Festival Grounds and Guests

The Performers
- Wind & Fire (Mark Holland & N. Scott Robinson)
- Jan Seiden, Nelson Rios, & "Butch" Armstrong
- Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman)
- Randy Granger
- Jonny Lipford
- Dock Green Silverhawk
- Ed WindDancer
- Chante Ishta
- Keith Davis
- Denise Reina Taylor

Performers on Video

The Vendors

2009 Flute Players' and Makers' Competitions
- Flute Players' Competition
   - The Players' Preliminary Competition Audios
- Flute Makers' Competition


Auction & Raffle

Final On-Stage "Jam"

[Except where noted, all photos by Lou Seiler. Click on the smaller images to see an enlarged view.]


Pre-Festival Activities

Senior Life of Florida
Volume 12, Number 7, November 2009
TGIF section of Florida TODAY
November 13, 2009

John Ellis, Martha Pessaro, & Mike Knight at an October organizing committee meeting
at Panera Bread in Melbourne. [photo by Claire Ellis]

Brevard County Commissioner Mary Bolin presents the county's Native American Heritage Month Proclamation to Martha Pessaro, Jim McCarthy, and John Ellis.
(October 20, 2009)
Native Rhythms Festival Organizing Committee members Jenny Ashbury, Mike Knight, Jim McCarthy, Martha Pessaro, and John Ellis at the Brevard County Center.
(October 20, 2009)
Mike Knight and John Ellis perform Amazing Grace for the Cocoa City Council after city council member Jim McCarthy read the city's Native American Heritage Month Proclamation and Martha Pessaro (far right) invites the council to the Native Rhythms Festival.
(October 27, 2009)
Native Rhythms Festival Organizing Committee members Martha Pessaro, Mike Knight, and John Ellis in front of the new Cocoa City Hall.
(October 27, 2009)


Thursday "Meet & Greet" Reception

The weekend's activities kicked off on Thursday evening, November 12th, with an informal "meet and greet" reception for the performers and vendors at our Platinum Sponsor, Candlewood Suites. We originally planned to hold this event "out back" at the Candlewood's beautiful gazebo, but the weather was a bit chilly for Central Florida (in the low 50s) so it was moved indoors. I'm sure our visitors from places like Alaska, Montana, and Nova Scotia would not have minded, but one's blood thins out after just a few years living in Florida!

As part of the evening's festivities, Jonny Lipford brought out a cake to celebrate the release of his third CD, "Turn the Page: The Journey Continues".

NRF Chairman Mike Knight chats with soundman Bruce Iwinski during setup. Mike begins the introductions...
Most of the NRF Organizing Committee: Mike Knight, John Ellis, Jim McCarthy, & Martha Pessaro. Mark Holland
Nelson Rios & Jan Seiden Dock Green Silverhawk
Ed WindDancer Randy Granger
Clint Goss Jonny Lipford
The room was Standing-Room-Only! Food was available through that door.
Jonny formally announces the release of his latest CD. Ooops! Started cutting the cake before we could get a photo.
Jonny plays a couple songs from his new CD.
Clint warms up the crowd for open mic performances.
Mistress of Ceremonies, Chante Ishta, sings during the open mic time. Mike plays during open mic.
Randy Granger plays his hang. Damion Begay plays his drone.
Dock Green


The Festival Grounds & Guests


The Performers

Wind & Fire (Mark Holland & N. Scott Robinson)
Jan Seiden, Nelson Rios, & "Butch" Armstrong
Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman)
Randy Granger
Jonny Lipford
Dock Green Silverhawk
Ed WindDancer
Chante Ishta
Keith Davis
Denise Reina Taylor
Performers on Video
Features Jonny Lipford, Dock Green Silverhawk, and Ed WindDancer
[Video submitted to YouTube by kgeorgeson.]
Features rhythm duet featuring Nelson Rios and "Butch" Armstrong
[Video submitted to YouTube by thumperd74.]
Features Jan Seiden playing "Highland Heather"
[Video submitted to YouTube by moonkricket1.]


The Vendors


2009 Flute Players' & Makers' Competitions

The Players' Competition

The flute players' competition was divided into two categories: Novice and Advanced. For the preliminary round of the competition, entrants in each category were to submit a CD or audio cassette with three songs: (1) a slow, melodic piece, (2) a faster, rhythmic piece, and (3) a piece using the Clint Goss Night Rider background track. There were three qualified entrants who submitted entry CDs in the Novice Category, but none in the Advanced Category. We decided that the three Novice Category entrants would all advance to the final round in accordance with the published rules. But instead of canceling the Advanced Category competition, we decided to open it to walk-on entrants and eliminate the requirement to play along with the Night Rider track. Three walk-on entrants competed in the Advanced Category.

The final round of the competition was conducted on-stage in the early afternoon of Friday, November 13th. The judges were hidden behind a panel and could not see the contestants, who were announced only by a contestant number. There was a healthy wind blowing across the stage to further challenge the competitors.

The Players' Competition Judges were (from left to right) Mark Holland, Jan Seiden, Jonny Lipford, and Randy Granger. Mistress of Ceremonies, Chante Ishta calls the competitors to the stage to begin the final round competition.
Novice Category Contestant #1
Pat Wilson, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Novice Category Contestant #2
Jim Peck, Port Richey, Florida
Novice Category Contestant #3
Sydney Mitchell, Pinson, Alabama
Advanced Category Contestant #1
Tom Matthews, Great Falls, Montana
Advanced Category Contestant #2
Damion Begay, Ocala, Florida
Advanced Category Contestant #3
Dave McCullen, Fruitland Park, Florida
Novice Category, First Place
Sydney Mitchell
Novice Category, Second Place
Jim Peck
Novice Category, Third Place
Pat Wilson
Advanced Category, First Place
Dave McCullen
Advanced Category, Second Place
Damion Begay
Advanced Category, Third Place
Tom Matthews
Sydney Mitchell, Dave McCullen, Damion Begay Pat Wilson, Jim Peck, Tom Matthews

The Players' Preliminary Competition Audio

Listen to the audios submitted by the Novice Category competitors. Click on the "Piece" number to download and play each audio.
Sydney Mitchell
- Piece 1 (slow, melodic)
- Piece 2 (faster, rhythmic)
- Piece 3 (with Night Rider background track)
Jim Peck
- Piece 1 (slow, melodic)
- Piece 2 (faster, rhythmic)
- Piece 3 (with Night Rider background track)
Pat Wilson
- Piece 1 (slow, melodic)
- Piece 2 (faster, rhythmic)
- Piece 3 (with Night Rider background track)

The “Night Rider” track for this competition was used with permission from the Clint Goss CD “Jam Tracks in A Minor”, Track #17. This and other “NAF jam track” CDs from Clint are available from his website at www.naftracks.com/recordings.htm.

The Makers' Competition

We offered three categories for the flute makers' competition: (1) single chamber wood, (2) single chamber of other materials, and (3) multi-chamber. There were no entries in the multi-chamber category, so awards were made in only two of the three categories. In addition to the awards in these categories, the judges chose a "best of show" flute and made a special award.

The Makers' Competition Judges were (from left to right) Leonard McGann, Jonny Lipford, and Mike Knight. The Flute Makers' Competition entry table.
Best of Show
Utah Farris, Lake Wales, Florida
Single Chamber Wood, First Place
Joey Hill, Gainesville, Florida
Single Chamber Wood, Second Place
Rand Rowe, Lugoff, South Carolina
Single Chamber Wood, Third Place
Ed Dougherty, Clayton, North Carolina
Single Chamber Other Material, 
First Place
Craig Noss, Casselberry, Florida
Single Chamber Other Material, 
Second Place
Chuck Theroux, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 
Ran Rowe, Ed Daugherty, Craig Noss, Chuck Theroux, Joey Hill, Utah Farris




Auction & Raffle


The Final On-Stage "Jam"

First the Performers took the stage
Then everyone came up for the finale
[Video submitted to YouTube by TaiChiHiker.]


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